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We are passionate online entrepreneurs that are constantly scouting for the latest opportunities and innovations to convert those into creative solutions. All those creative solutions are part of our Webtools labels. Each label has its own identity and expertise which in turn appeals to a specific target audience. To make all of this possible we established a talented global network that collaborates with us in the creation of our labels. We believe in the value of an international team composed of different cultures that complement and strengthen each other in a positive way. All of our work is carried out online through a lean framework that allows us to fully focus on adding value across all our processes.

The benefits of Webtools

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About us

Wouter Teger

Wouter Teger

An entrepreneur with a large passion for creativity and building nice things. At Webtools I mainly occupy myself with developing all the creative aspects of our labels like (product) design and styling, copywriting, creating marketing campaigns and more.

William Goudsmid

William Goudsmid

An entrepreneur with a large passion for automation and building nice things. I like building teams and bringing professionals together, that said, I believe in the importance of our team members working on that which is their expertise. At Webtools I mainly occupy myself with software, automation, creating marketing campaigns and more.

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